One Little Spark is a mix of creative projects that celebrate and expand on the successful design elements found in the Disney parks. I take a critical look at Disney's design choices then whip up concepts (usually in the form of merchandise) on how a particular story/theme could be pushed further. One Little Spark is mostly a collection of designs that illustrate what I think is missing from the Disney merchandise locations today.

I’m a bona fide Disney nut and Dole Whip addict (who has yet to hit rock bottom). I’m based in sunny Lake County, FL – a mere, not-so-coincidental 40 minutes from Walt Disney World. Hitting the parks a few times a month affords me the opportunity to become besties with the Citizens of Main Street and get ridiculously high scores on Toy Story Midway Mania. Take that, 8-year-old in the seat behind me.

I currently do freelance graphic design for the Disney Design Group and other cool companies around the world. Fortes include: print, branding, apparel, and period illustration.