Tuesday, November 25


Good news! Mickey has been printed, primed, and painted! If you haven't been following his progress, feel free to give these past updates a look:
Part I
Part II
Part III
When we last saw Mickey, he was colored/rendered on the computer. But to conclude this project, he had to be printed. After doing some extensive research into my 3D printing options, I took the file to a vendor that had a variety of material options and didn't break my wallet. A snappy two weeks later, Mickey arrived in the mail with no bumps or scrapes. Other than the slight sandy texture from the plastic material used,  I was impressed with the detail of the 4.5" figurine.
Using a hobby saw and some sandpaper, I worked on modifying his base. The model's version was a little large and boat-shaped. Then, with some quality acrylics and a few hours, Mickey had his color. I'm pretty happy with the results.

Front view, soup to nuts:
Back view:
Next to my iPhone 6 for size comparison:
And because this is a concept of something I'd like to see in the parks, I whipped up a concept of what the packaging might look like:
For now, Mickey will be sitting happily on my desk right next to my computer. Thanks for following along - it's been a fun project to work on!