Monday, October 27

Beast Shirt Design

Today I wanted to share a design I created some time ago, as a personal exercise in hand-rendered type.
Now manipulating type to conform to a larger image might be a little overdone at the moment, but I couldn't resist taking a stab at it utilizing the words from the Beauty and the Beast prologue. I was obsessed with this opening scene a child; the chilling David Ogden Stiers narration was the perfect way to introduce the story. Plus, the Beast has these great distinct sections of his face that lend particularly well to this style of typography.

I could imagine a shirt similar to this being sold in the Bonjour gift shop located in the Beauty and the Beast section of New Fantasyland. Essentially the only offerings for males there today are Gaston shirts with faux chest hair and deer antler headbands (which are non-Disney items, surprisingly.)
A big thanks for all the great emails I've been getting lately. It's been super encouraging to hear the well wishes and positive feedback. Keep checking back - the big projects I keep teasing are ever so close to being finished!