Thursday, September 11

UPDATE - What's been going on

Woah, it's September already. How'd that happen?!

So a solid two and a half months have passed without a blog post. I guess I have to face the music and admit that I've become one of "those" bloggers. Sorry about that.

It's been a busy summer for me. Besides some recent health issues knocking the wind out of my sails, I've also been doing a lot of freelance work for some cool companies: Nike, a few local restaurants, and a little place called the Disney Design Group!
I was brought on as an in-house freelancer for DDG back in June, and have since been having a blast learning the ropes and working with some fantastic people. I feel extremely lucky.

So my schedule's been a little crowded, but there IS good news (or bad news if you're not a fan of the blog). One Little Spark's hiatus is only temporary, and should hopefully be ending very soon. I have some ambitious projects lined up for the blog - can't wait to share!

Thanks for hanging in there. I'll see you real soon!