Friday, June 20

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Poster

As a way to celebrate the opening of Magic Kingdom's newest attraction, the Disney Parks Blog released a limited edition poster that was given away to the first one-hundred people to write them an e-mail. I'm a fan of giveaways as much as the next guy, but it seems anytime the DPB has something up for grabs they reach their relatively tiny quota in the first five minutes. I caught wind of the poster giveaway a half hour after it was announced, and alas, I was too late. So in attempt to console myself, I put together a Mine Train poster of my very own, using my new Wacom Intuos5 Tablet. 
Some detail shots:
Despite the two week lead time, this project took a collective four hours to finish; I treated it as nothing more than a simple experiment. Keeping a screen print execution in mind, I stuck to a limited color palate and didn't use any gradients. I was curious to see how illustrating with brushes would compare to illustrating with the vector pen tool. Turns out, you can get pretty similar results! With a some good brushes (I used Kyle Webster's - he's the be-all and end-all of quality, affordable brushes), you can get close to a vector look but maintain some roughness that keeps an illustration from looking cold and sterile. It's a happy medium. 

A simplified version of the illustration - sans mine and cottage - would make for a fun tee:
The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction is a blast! It's a fitting addition to Magic Kingdom, and exactly what the New Fantasyland Expansion needed. The dark ride scene is fantastic - both in terms of staging and technology. It's the antithesis of the new Journey of the Little Mermaid ride, where the scenes amount to nothing more than a musical revue. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train focuses on a small part of the movie and tells a story through that perspective. And it works big time.
Perhaps it's because it's based off a 1937 film, but there's a classic, timeless feel throughout the ride. It pushes the envelope in more ways than one, and it still feels like it's been in the park for years. I "dig" it. 

Next week, we'll take a trip around the WDW Railroad. See you then!