Thursday, May 22

Tom Oreb's Mickey Mouse, Part III

Time for the rendering! In a collaboration with my modeler friend, we added texture and color to the modeled Mickey figure. If you haven't been following along, I've embarked on a project to create a figurine based off of Tom Oreb's character designs for the 1955 Nash Rambler commercials.
How you see him here is very close to how he'll look as a completed figure. On Oreb's model sheet, there are little details on the bow tie and button. I plan to paint those by hand on the 3D print.

I've been trying to line things up with a 3D printer company, but things are proving difficult. Quality companies are hard to come by - and everyone I've talked to is backed up for at least a month. Plus some won't take on the project because of the extra hardware involved in making the skinny parts stable. It's a chore, but I'll keep at it at; I haven't come this far to throw in the towel!