Monday, May 5

Tom Oreb's Mickey Mouse, Part II

The next phase of the Mickey Mouse project comes to you fully composed and contoured! I enlisted the help of a good friend and extremely adept 3D modeler to help with the task. He translated the concept designs I made into a fully realized 3D model. The results couldn't be cooler:
His mouth is on the other side. Still undecided if it works from this view.
Now if I was a betting man, I would guess that if this was a concept for a real piece of Disney merchandise, the road would end here. There are several thin parts of the design that would make a figurine much too fragile to mass produce and ship. And reinforcing the structure - like I plan to do when I get it 3D printed - would be too costly to execute on a large scale. The process of adding extra hardware for stability can be labor intensive. One solution would be to "fatten" him up, making all the potentially breakable pieces thicker. Call me a purist, but I think a Mickey with chubby legs would be too much of a departure from Oreb's original drawings. I'll just consider myself lucky to have the luxury of making the model for personal use and not have to worry about the downfalls of major manufacturing. 

Next up: adding color, texture and lighting. Stay tuned!