Saturday, May 3

Tom Oreb's Mickey Mouse, Part I

For obvious reasons, I'm a huge admirer of Tom Oreb's.
via Cartoon Brew
This model sheet was for a set of 1955 Nash car commercials. My favorite ad of the bunch shows Mickey and Minnie (and kids, apparently) going for a spin in Nash's "daring, dazzling 1955 Rambler". The car is advertised as a "whole new idea in styling", which is ironically what Tom Oreb was known for. Oreb had a way of reinterpreting Disney characters that felt like a natural extension of their personalities. His designs were simplistic, but a far cry from dull.

Stylized concepts of Disney characters like this Mickey would make for a perfect series of high-end figurines. With the discontinuation of the Walt Disney Classics Collection, the collectibles department is severely lacking in quality statuettes. So, in attempt to prove the concept, I started work on a 3D version of Tom Oreb's Mickey:
This is a rough concept of the figurine, based off the bottom left pose on the model sheet. With his designs being so heavily dependent on the use of lines, it was tricky to find a 3D solution that looked halfway decent. Next up: making the 3D model. I'll post updates on my progress!