Saturday, April 26

To all who come to this happy place:

Welcome! One Little Spark will be a place for creative projects inspired by the Disney parks.
For this inaugural post, I thought it'd be appropriate to echo Walt's famous words during the dedication of Disneyland.
As a self-proclaimed design history buff, I spend my time studying the details of 1890's Sanborn maps and geeking out over 1950's Eyvind Earle paintings. Most of the projects you'll see on this blog will reflect my obsession for yesterday's aesthetics. This particular poster concept emulates a turn-of-the-century approach to large-format design. A product like this would be right at home in any of the charming shops lining Main Street, U.S.A.  It'd be refreshing to have more merchandise specific to the location it's being sold in.
Mockup of a 16" x 20" print
Stop by often for more designs. I'm so excited to share more fun projects!